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The Bosses Club




The story of America’s transition from iron-making to steel, and questioning the cause of the 1889 Johnstown Flood

The Bosses Club


The Bosses Club is a fresh look at history that most think has long been irrefutably settled: where was the American steel industry born and who were its founders, inventors, innovators and scoundrels?


In this book, you'll learn about the pivotal role Johnstown played in developing America's steel industry and the negligence by members of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club, many of whom were friends, colleagues and associates of Andrew Carnegie, that contributed to the great Johnstown flood of 1889.


Contrary to the widely accepted belief that the flood was the unfortunate result of natural causes, Mr. Gregory explains in an historical fiction why so many people lived in the remote Conemaugh Valley starting around 1830, why a perilous earthen dam was constructed above the city and why a suspicious series of events surrounding the South Fork Fishing and Hunting club led to the dam's failure resulting in one of the worst "natural" disasters in American history.




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